A 22 year old college student just waiting for her baby to come home. This blog is for absolutely anything and everything that crosses my mind, including a mini fitblr. A part of the GET FIT network, link in the sidebar!

my interests

doctor who + starbucks + harry potter + books + red heads + family + friends + music + diet coke + movies + dogs + campfires + my boyfriend + tumblr + wine + organization + blue + horses + baseball + italy + anchors + learning + fall + game of thrones

frequently asked

(question) Where do you go to school?
(answer) I go to the University of St. Thomas.
(question) How long have you known your boyfriend?
(answer) Just barely longer than we've been together.
(question) What is your major?
(answer) I am studying electrical engineering.
(question) Where is he stationed?
(answer) He is with the USS Boxer out of San Diego.
(question) Can we be friends?
(answer) Of course!

making memories to last a lifetime

Daisypath Anniversary tickers
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#day44 My swimsuit is here!!! It was another day of pampering and preparing for San Diego as well as a day for finally finishing my final paper. #100daysofhappy

Flying on standby is so incredibly stressful…

One thing I was not expecting from my wax: TWEEZING. That was probably the worst part. 

mylovefindsyou: What's your favorite food? What's your favorite physical feature on your S/O? What's your biggest pet peeve? What's something that never fails to turn you on? Why do you love your S/O?

Hmmm My favorite food currently is probably my mom’s homemade lettuce wraps. It’s so difficult to choose just one thing about Carter, but I really love his red hair and freckles. And shoulders/chest. Biggest pet peeve: When my space isn’t organized. Something that turns me on: neck kisses and ear nibbles. Why do I love Carter: Sooooo many reasons, but the one I’ve really been thinking about and missing lately is that he is the spontaneous to my structure. He can always make me smile even when he’s kind of pissing me off. 

0urd3ploymentdiary: Once you get this you must share 5 facts about you. Then pass it on to your 10 favourite blogs. No backsies xx
  1. I see my boyfriend in just a few days after being apart for 256.
  2. I get my first bikini wax today.
  3. I have a giant zit on my forehead right now and it needs to go away now.
  4. I think I’m gonna get a pedicure today.
  5. I really want a German Shepard.
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#day43 All my clothes have been packed. I’m only a little ahead of the game… Only a few more days until I’m reunited with my favorite person! #100daysofhappy

That moment where you feel like you’ve written pretty much everything there is to say, but you still need four pages to reach the minimum requirement….

You know it’s been a lazy day if you can’t remember whether you brushed your teeth this morning or not…
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Disney only does movies about white people.
It’s disgusting

How they never have

any people of color

from any other cultures

And they totally glorify the white man

And totally marginalize their plights

And overall refuses to give children of color characters to relate to

Those racist bastards.

What a bunch of dicks, never watching a Disney movie again.
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Dylan Massett is so insanely attractive.